Testimonials by The Balm Matte Eyeshadow customers


I’ve been looking for a true matte eyeshadow for those days when I didn’t want to sparkle. I have read a lot of good
things about Meet Matt(e) Nude and decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. It does cost a bit more then
drug store brands but when you take into consideration that it lasts longer, stays on all day, and the colors are
really pretty then there really is no question as to why I brought it and I will continue to buys from this company.


linda christensen 

I LOVE IT. Super creamy consistency, blends well, yet stays for hours even with very little primer. The little brush it
came with is awesome, not a cheap brush like I was kind of expecting. Definitely glad I bought this, I’ll be using it a



I purchased this after reading various reviews on the most neutral matte palettes, and decided I would get this one.
The design of it is absolutely adorable and the male names of the different eye shadows make it even more likable.
I am in my late teens and wanted to pick a palette that would give me a more sophisticated look for every day. The
colors are so blendable and not chalky or powdery like most matte eye shadows I’ve used. You get SO much product
for what you pay for, and it’s guaranteed to last awhile because a little bit of it goes a long way. It’s also great for
contouring!! would recommend 100%. It’s fantastic 🙂


Kaylee Lampert

The eyeshadow palette I use the most, and I own many high-end and drugstore palettes.The pots of product are
huge, all are extremely pigmented, and all completely matte. I thought I wouldn’t use the yellow much, but it looks
quite skin-toned once applied. Excellent on it’s own, or to accompany shimmery products. As a bonus, the brush it
came with is also really nice and I use it daily.


Dulce Teran

Love the colors scheme of the palette, blends beautiful too. Can get a wide range of looks out of this palette from
Smokey and dark to light and fresh faced.



This palette is absolutely amazing!!! The size is awesome and the pigment is magnificent I MOST DEFINETLY


Karisha Ochoa

It is beautiful, this palette is sooooo nice and buttery and the shadows are super creamy!!!! It is so nice and the
Colors are great!



I enjoyed using this product! I found it was very pigmented and had great texture. This only thing is that you’d
always have to remember to tap off your brush before applying the product because it had a lot of fallout. Overall I
loved this product.